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Angelina Jolie’s TV show BBC My World will Feature Mehwish Hayat Interview

Angelina Jolie’s (The Eternals) new TV-show will feature an interview with Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat. The Eternals star and Microsoft are collaborating with BBC World to produce a show called BBC My World. You will be able to watch BBC My World on YouTube and iPlayer too.

Mehwish Hayat BBC Interview on Angelina Jolie TV-show

Mehwish has won several national accolades and is a prominent name of film & television. She is quite vocal about issues like fake news, women’s rights & breaking stereotypes and the BBC has noticed it. Her stance on these global issues will now be featured in Angelina Jolie’s TV-show and the Pakistani actress is excited.

Excited that my interview for BBC world will be out soon. Great concept created by Angelina Jolie for the first TV show she is producing. Thank you, Jamie Angus, for your vision in highlighting so many important issues that young people face today.

What is BBC My World about?

The tv show’s goal is to educate the younger generation on how to spot fake news. It will also showcase the effort that goes into delivering authentic news and information. Angelina Jolie (The Eternals) thinks it will help the young and is happy to be a part of the British Broadcasting Service’s collaboration with Microsoft.

As a parent, I am happy to be able to give my support to a program that aims to help children learn more about the lives of other young people around the world, and connect to them to each other. I hope it will help children find the information and tools they need to make a difference on the issues that matter to them, drawing on the BBC World Service’s network of thousands of journalists and multiple language services around the world.

Angelina Jolie’s TV-show will air on British Broadcasting service’s most viewed BBC World News. The 30-minute episode will air every Sunday and you can watch BBC My World in 42 languages. You can also watch Angelina Jolie’s TV-show on YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

The teaser to Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat’s interview is available on her social media. Dankanator will update you when the show goes live.