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Angelina Jolie with Jared Leto After Divorce with Brad Pitt?

Amidst all the divorce and custody battle drama with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie seems to have the support of Jared Leto. And does that say something?

There will be probably very few left who are unfamiliar with all the drama that erupted from the divorce and consequent custody battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But the story doesn’t end even after the custody battle has been resolved in Pitt’s favor. It seems like amidst all this drama, the actress was finding emotional support from none other than Jared Leto. Looks like Angelina’s co-star has been extending her his support and love amidst the raging battles with Brad Pitt. Apparently, things started with Leto offering the actress a role in his upcoming movie. But after spending some quality time together, they realized something else. Does that mean that Angelina Jolie is already finding another relationship? Or does Jared Leto have anything to do with the custody battle that she is facing with her estranged ex-husband?

Jared Leto Initiates Things With Angelina Jolie

After the divorce and custody battle raged on for more than two years, Angelina finally resorted to finding support in another guy. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong in it, her emotional attachment with Jared Leto has been hyped by both the media and public.

According to Star Magazine, Leto asked Jolie a few weeks back to star in the movie that he is co-writing. But from that point, discussions began and the two started to spend more quality time with each other. Although initially, they started off as friends, it soon turned into romance as Jolie and Leto realized the strong feelings they seemed to possess for one another. Probably what helped Jolie develop her feelings was the fact that his support made things easy on her following her divorce and ongoing custody battle.

A false source revealed that Angelina is not completely broken now that she has Leto. Her co-star had even moved in with her to an extent and stays there on and off. But Jolie was waiting for the divorce to be completed before she reveals her relationship with Leto to the public. Also, the source informed that divorce with Brad Pitt might not completely take place till 2020.

When the celebrity gossip police site, Gossip Cop got in touch with Angelina’s reps, they called off the dating rumors. And claimed that this idea came off some tabloid story that has no authenticity. From the looks of it, Jolie seems to have no interest in dating now. But even if she is going out with Leto, is that anybody’s concern?

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