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AnEsonGib officially wins match with Tayler Holder as the committee changes the verdict

We all know YouTube star ‘AnEsonGib’ who is famous for football-related videos. His real name is Ali Loui Al-Fakhri. Tayler Holder is an actor, singer, and social media personality who is also popular for his funny videos on TikTok. He is also a member of TikTok collaborative house, “Triller Compound”. And he has almost 19.3 million followers and almost 1.0 Billion likes on his TikTok account.

AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder recently had a match. The fight was a total draw in the beginning. Which soon changed to AnEsonGib being the winner.

AnEsonGib and Tayler’s fight being rued as a majority draw.

You all might remember how AnEson lost against Jake Paul in 2020. Well, he sought out redemption for that loss when he signed up for underdog against the famous TikToker, Tayler Holder. AnEson was going to fight Tayler at the Battle of Platforms. He played offensive during the entire fight. He definitely landed a higher amount of punches in the fight. The Gib vs. Holder fight was declared as a ‘majority draw’. It seemed like Twitter didn’t want Gib to lose a fight he so fairly won. ‘Rigged’ and ‘Robbed’ started trending on Twitter when they called the fight a draw.

Gib takes the win home!

Gib did not say a word during this whole thing. Well, it’s true when they say ‘Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet’. The officiators of the event have now overturned their decision and declared Gib as the winner.

 ISKA Director Tom Sconzo sent an email to Gib and declared him to be the winner of the fight. Gib shared this amazing news with his fans through Twitter. He wrote:


Thanks for the support

Tom Sconzo further wrote in the email:

After reviewing the results for the Holder vs. Gib fight with scores 49-46, 49-46. 50-46. Eson Gib won by a unanimous decision. I have no excuse for it being called a majority draw other than plain simple humor error and embarrassed by this mistake, not catching it, and correcting it ringside. I sincerely apologize to both fights especially Mr. Gib, who fought an amazing fight and deserved recognition for his win.

We are really happy for Gib for finally being declared as the winner.