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Andre Marhold says Jeffree Star cheated on ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt?

Andre Marhold just accused Jeffree Star of cheating on his long term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. Though we all know that Jeffree and Nathan parted ways at the start of this year. But the ‘boyfriend’ and ‘ex-boyfriend’ title only fits on him. Anyways, there have been a lot of rumors about Jeffree kicking Nathan out of his life just because he was in it for the money. And then there was this post-breakup Aston Martin drama. Jeffree also claimed in one of his YouTube videos that a lot of stuff is happening behind the screen. And his legal team is trying to handle it so he cannot say much about his breakup with Nathan and the car drama. A lot of fans even speculated that Jeffree made Nathan sign an NDA. Otherwise, how is it even possible that Jeffree says so much stuff about him but Nathan never responds back? And now Jeffree’s recent ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold just broke some major NDA rules and accused the beauty mogul of cheating on Nathan Schwandt, that too with his (Nathan’s) best friend.

Andre Marhold accused Jeffree Star of cheating on Nathan Schwandt

So we all know Jeffree called out Andre for stealing some branded accessories from his house in Snapchat and Instagram stories. He then deleted all of these posts when Andre threatened to expose some things about him.

Def Noodles shared a bunch of screenshots on his twitter which has the now-deleted posts from Andre. Jeffree misses Nate? Jeffree has only said some pretty shady stuff about him in the past seven months. How can he even miss him?

“You miss Nate but you fuc*ed his friend I don’t understand. you didn’t even tell your supporters you hit me up offering all these expensive things for my time. I have proof on what I posted.”

Do you guys think Andre somehow managed to get a hold of some explicit pictures of Jeffree and Nathan’s friend? Or maybe a bunch of other explicit pictures and videos with other people? Because he mentioned that he has proof of something which can ruin Jeffree’s life.

Andre even accused Jeffree of using some sort of pills. And then his name on paperwork really got me confusing.

“I have proof of what I posted. I have proof of what I have your name on paperwork, your name on pill bottles, etc. we can do this all night.”

A fan even shared a now-deleted post from Andre on twitter which has literally made my brain explode.


Summing up some of the posts from Andre Marhold’s now-deleted IG stories

I mean why would Andre even share something which is so sensitive. I don’t even know what to say. He even shared some screenshots of Jeffree’s DMs in which he was asking Andre to give his things back.

Jeffree even asked him in one of the DMs that why he is sharing pictures and talking about him when he has signed an NDA. He further added that Andre is exposing his (Jeffree’s) health to some major risks.

Do you guys think Andre got a hold of Jeffree’s pill bottles? And maybe this is one of the reasons why Jeffree is reacting this way. Long story short, Andre has just asked Jeffree to unblock him on Instagram and come on IG live so that he and Andre can tell the world what he has actually been hiding from his fans.

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