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Amy Schumer Responds to Weinstein Emails Leaked

Amy Schumer has responded to the news that Harvey Weinstein has written a plea in an email, but she still does not think he has suffered enough.

Comedian and activist Amy Schumer has always been very vocal about Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo movement. Now that a leaked email from Harvey Weinstein is out claiming that this year has been the worst nightmare of his life, Amy Schumer has spoken up again. She does not believe that the disgraced Hollywood producer has had a hell of a year. But she’s not alone in it. The leaked email from Harvey’s personal email address to his close friends has triggered all his assault victims and other #MeToo supporters. Nobody is of the view that Harvey Weinstein has seen enough as compared to the women he abused. Amy Schumer, who has herself been a victim of assault in the past has taken these movements very seriously. The comedian considers any slightest form of sexual harassment as inexcusable. And has publicly slammed even her close friends like Aziz Ansari for it.

Amy Schumer Makes an Instagram Post as Response to Harvey Weinstein Leaked Emails

Harvey Weinstein who is waiting for a trial against all the sexual assault claims registered against him has written an email to his close friends. On Monday, emails from his personal email address were leaked, and Harvey Weinstein wrote that he has had a hell of a year. And that all this has been the worst nightmare of his life. But he did not just stop there. The email message criticized the police investigators in charge of these assault cases. As soon as it got leaked in Hollywood, his victims and #MeToo supporters were caught up in a torrent. However, his lawyer has announced that this email was meant for his close friends only. And that it won’t be a part of any of their legal strategies.

Despite his claims, it is unbelievable that the email was not meant to discredit assault victims who accused Harvey Weinstein. Previously, his lawyers displayed emails between Mr. Weinstein and a woman who accused him of rape. And suggested that whatever happened was consensual.

An Instagram account for #TimesUp shared this leaked email from Weinstein adding that whatever happens in court, Harvey will always be defined for the horror of his actions. And that if anybody had a hell of a year, it was women. Amy Schumer re-posted a screenshot of this post on her own Instagram adding ‘Nope’ in the caption. And just that one is meaningfully strong enough to denote the comedian’s resentment and hatred towards the Hollywood producer who wrecked hundreds of women.

But will any punishment ever suffice for Harvey Weinstein?

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