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We give you the latest and important news you need to know about the YouTube community. From your favorite YouTubers bringing you new and unique quality content to the most hilarious of online challenges, we give you our views on the most growing online community of today.

Colleen Ballinger Gets Animated Cameo On Ralph Breaks The Internet

The Walt Disney Animated Studios film forays into the wide world of the internet quite boldly. Presenting netizens and the resources available on the net in their true essence, Ralph breaks the internet has precisely nailed all the elements it wanted to portray. In its depiction of online culture, the sequel to Wreck it Ralph […]

Jake Paul Addresses Fans Questions About Jake Paul Uncut

When it comes to scripted vines and YouTube vlogs, Jake Paul really does ace the game. Recently, Shane Dawson hurled accusations at the renowned YouTuber. He released a seven part series, ‘The Mind Of Jake Paul’, where he labelled Jake Paul as a sociopath. Dawson exclaimed that Paul’s behavior was textbook psychological disorders. While Jake […]

Logan Paul Joins Flat Earth Society?

Logan Paul, the man who made headlines this year for recording a video of a dead body in Japan’s suicide forest, has somehow come back to gain a different target demographic. Though, it may not be a surprise to anyone the YouTuber is focusing on the this Society. Why else would he be a keynote […]

James Charles’ New Morphe Palette Sold Out In Less Than 10 Minutes!

Since, the dawn of Youtube, the industry has allowed many content creators to start their very own businesses. From Jeffree Star’s makeup line, to Markiplier and Jacksepticeye new clothing brand, we are now blessed with another make-up artist creating new irresistible make-up brands for us. It’s none other than sister James Charles y’all. He recently […]

Jake Paul Moves In With Brother Logan Paul Following California Wildfires

The Southern California wildfires continue to force people to evacuate their homes the raging fire has lead several celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Lady Gaga and many others to leave their homes and run for their life. California wildfires several celebrities have their homes burned down, including those of Caitlyn Jenner and Martin Sheen, […]

Jeffree Star Is Planning For Weed Business

Oh Jeffree Star is launching his Weed business! He decided to launch his own weed business after Michigan state allows the legal use of recreational marijuana. Who Is Jeffree Star? Jeffree star is a being of many talents! Some may know him from his music career from the time of MySpace, and some might know […]

Shane Dawson And Jake Paul Evacuate Following California Wildfires

The three major wildfires in California have become a point of major source of concern for practically everyone from celebrity bigwigs to political authorities. The California wildfires have ignited the cities of Malibu, Paradise, Calabasas and Woolsey. Now, the menacing California wildfires are approaching Los Angeles. We talked about how the wildfires had forced the […]

Erika Costell and Jake Paul No Longer Together!

The two YouTubers officially ended their relationship. The famous YouTuber Jake Paul posted the announcement about their split on Twitter this Wednesday. Indeed, it as heartbreaking for many Jake Paulers and Costellars to find out that Jerika is no longer. Origins of Jerika The two weren’t always in a real relationship. In June 2017, after […]