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TV shows show the world in an interesting lens, it’s more meaningful as it lasts over a period of time. You form a bond with your favorite TV shows. We realize how important that is in today’s world so we make it our priority to give you the latest buzz in the business, from new shows coming up to whats happening in running TV shows. We also give you news about behind the screens to help you connect with the show and its creators.

Charli D’Amelio Movies And Tv Shows

Charlie D’Amelio is one of the most famous TikTok stars of the current generation. She has been a professional dancer for ten years before joining the TikTok platform. D’Amelio is famous for her swift moves and the content that she has been creating for her fans. Moreover, she was the youngest person to be added […]

David Dobrik Movies and TV shows List

David Dobrik is one of the most famous YouTube celebrities of our time. He has remained a YouTube sensation for quite a long time to the point that he has made friends with celebrities in Hollywood. His success has come entirely through videotaping his daily life, adventures with friends, and making videos about fun and […]

Best Billy Bob Thornton Movies And Tv Shows

Billy Bob Thornton is a Hollywood icon who has done incredible and critically acclaimed work. This American actor received international appreciation when he co-wrote and starred in the film ‘One False Move’. Besides being a phenomenal actor, Billy Bob Thornton is also a writer and director. He has made his name with remarkable performances that […]

Is Vampire Academy Season 2 Happening?

Peacock’s Vampire Academy TV Series just finished its season one and was undoubtedly one hell of a wild ride. Vampire academy managed to engage a dedicated audience due to its thrilling storyline and a great cast. Vampire Diaries alum Julie Plec teamed up with Marguerite MacIntyre to bring the Vampire Academy book series onto the […]

Vampire Academy Episode 10 Release Date & Where To Watch It Online

I don’t know about you guys but I can hardly keep myself calm after watching the last week’s episode of Peacock’s Vampire Academy. Some of you might not know that this exclusive Vampire TV show is inspired by a novel of the same name as the TV show “Vampire Academy”. There was actually a movie […]

Best Danny McBride Movies And Tv Shows

Danny McBride is an American comedian, actor, screenwriter, and producer. This talented and highly respected actor has cemented his name in Hollywood through his exceptional work in comedy films. He made his acting debut in 2003 as he took the supporting role in his college friend’s film ‘All the Real Girls’. Furthermore, he wrote HBO […]

Where to Watch One Of Us Is Lying Season 2 Online For Free

One of Us Is Lying’s season 1 left us all wide-mouthed with shock. We wanted another season as soon as humanely possible but unfortunately, we had to wait a couple of months before we got that. Alas, all good things come to those who wait. One of Us Is Lying season 2 is coming tomorrow […]

When is One Of Us Lying Season 2 Coming To Netflix?

One of us is Lying season 2 has officially premiered and fans are really excited to watch the new show. However, only US viewers can watch it on the Peacock streaming service. Thankfully, for the rest of the world, Netflix has also bought the rights to the show. Season 1 is already available to stream […]

Zombie TV Shows And Movies To Watch On Netflix

Be it science fiction, action, thriller, horror, comedy, or even romance, ‘Netflix’ have all zombie-related films and television shows. The subgenre is incredibly versatile. The ability of the genre to develop allows both writers and actors to show off their skills and originality. With the recent buzz surrounding zombie-themed projects, there are countless options available with just one […]