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You Will Need An Antidote After Watching Venom

With a 28% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 41 out of 57 reviews stating the movie as ‘bad’, Venom has terribly failed its initial impression. Tom Hardy is a scene-killer; he nails both his human and alien forms. But Hardy’s craft is not sufficient to reinstate the film from the tedium, and ambiguity it has fallen […]

The Sexist Lens With Which TV Shows Portray Women

It may be because writers are increasingly male; they fail to get a good grasp of the cerebral soundness of women. Just like ‘most’ of the men today, TV show creatives do not see women as anything but sex symbols. If a male-centric show ever gets a female character to its main cast, it would […]

Is Beautiful Boy a potential ‘Oscar-Bait’?

Beautiful Boy is the first English-language film with an all-American cast by 40 year old Belgian filmmaker, Felix Van Groeningen.
Van Groeningen claims that he had no choice but to make Beautiful Boy. ‘I had to, I couldn’t not make it. I tried to pass on it, but it kept coming back. It was meant to be’, he said in a recent interview.

Sandra Oh: The Lady Who Cleansed TV Off Racial Constraints

Sandra Oh has been a part of such brazenly entertaining shows that you do not immediately realize how amazing she is. The 47-year-old Canadian Actress is remembered by her household name Christiana Yang from The Grey’s Anatomy. With Several Golden Globes and Screen Actor Guild Awards already at her disposal, Sandra Oh has carved a […]

The Neighborhood Fails to Impress

Now, who does not like CBS comedies? They are whacky, quirky, ridiculous, rib-tickling hoots of joy. Just recently CBS saw the return of its cult fake newsroom sitcom ‘Murphy Brown’. A comeback that resonated a wave of laughter across orange- lipped America. Now, it looks like that CBS is beefing up its novel original line […]

Cardi B’s Arrest Proves She’s Still Badass

Cardi B (real name Belcalis Almanza) looked dressed to impress in a white blouse and nude skirt as she left the New York precinct in elated spirits. She was recently arrested and released on Monday, the 1st of October, after voluntarily turning herself in to concerned authorities regarding an incident that occurred in August this year.

Netflix vs. Hulu: Which Has the Better Halloween line-up in 2018?

Halloween is just around the corner and online streaming services are stepping up their game and brining their respective audiences original content that is sure to send chills down their spines.
With Netflix and Hulu going head to head, audiences are sure to have a wide variety to choose from this Halloween.

Eminem Vs. Machine Gun Kelly Saga: Who Won?

Here are a few things I learned today after reading an in-depth article on the outline of how it sucks to be an Eminem fan. First and foremost, I learned why Eminem was a big deal back in his day and no matter how bad his music has gotten, he won’t ever get down from […]