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David Dobrik is Jason Nash’s Stepdad Now

With an amazing turn of events, David Dobrik ended up marrying Jason Nash’s mother Lorraine Nash. Which obviously makes him Nash’s stepdad now. A 22-Years old is officially a stepdad of a 45-Years old. If Trisha Paytas was still dating Jason Nash then this would have definitely made Dobrik as her stepfather-in-law. However, she hated […]

Exclusive Interview: 30 Miles From Nowhere’s Rob Benedict

Dankanator had an exclusive interview with 30 Miles From Nowhere’s actor Rob Benedict as a part of its Interview Series with the movies’ cast and crew. We all know him for his work in the TV Series Supernatural. He portrays the role of God and Chuck Shurley on Supernatural. Benedict is not just an actor, […]

30 Miles From Nowhere’s Seana Kofoed Exclusive Interview

Dankanator had an exclusive interview with 30 Miles From Nowhere’s producer, writer and actor Seana Kofoed. The movie is a horror thriller about a group of old friends from college reuniting for the funeral of their friend Max. The house is located in the middle of the woods so naturally things took a dark turn. […]

Jaime Lannister Will Definitely Kill Cersei in Game of Thrones

Everyone was pleasantly surprised to see Jaime Lannister suddenly join Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s army against the Wights. It seemed like he was finally unchaining himself from the manipulations of his twin sister and ex-lover Cersei. Plus, Brienne of Tarth and Jaime could finally confess their feelings for each other in typical Game of […]

High Seas Is A Cross Of Murder On The Orient Express And Titanic

Netflix is dropping upcoming original movies and series’ trailers back-to-back and it is getting harder to decide what to watch first. The newest addition to the watch list is a Netflix Original Spanish Series titled High Seas (Alta Mar in Spanish). Netflix released the official trailer of High Seas few days ago and we can’t […]