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Trisha Paytas Shares Why Amber Heard Abused Johnny Depp

American YouTuber, Triha Paytas, had been in news lately due to their statement about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s trial. Depp is suing Amber Heard in court for dollar 50 million for defaming his image. In return Heard is suing Depp for dollar 100 million. Heard wrote an opinion article in The Washington Post. In […]

YouTubers Vs TikTokers Boxing match lineup | Who’s fighting who?

A huge boxing event is coming up and many people are wondering who is going to be fighting? Some of the very popular TikTokers and YouTubers are going to be fighting on this event against each other. The event is being called “The Battle of the Platforms” and it is presented by Social Gloves Entertainment. […]

Jaclyn Hill Slams People For Calling Her Father A Cult Leader

It’s like one of those things that shake you from head to toe and you have the sudden urge to spill the beans with someone. There might be a lot of people who won’t genuinely care about this. But we need to at least get some weight off from our shoulders…right? Well, turns out Jaclyn […]

David Dobrik Confesses He Had A Crush On Assistant Natalie

If you are a David Dobrik fan then you must have seen his assistant Natalie Noel. After his break-up with ex-girlfriend Liza Koshy, people have been wondering if he was dating Natalie. Well, Natalie is so pretty that if any Vlog Squad member takes a picture with her, people start shipping that couple. They really […]

David Dobrik Is In Love With Liza Koshy’s Halloween Costumes

David Dobrik and Liza Koshy used to date back in the days. They were really in a “legit couple goals” kind of relationship. However, things took a bad turn and both ended up calling it quits. However, both David Dobrik and Liza Koshy confirmed that they will still remain friends. In fact, Liza appeared in […]

Kian & JC’s New YouTube Reality Show Has Trisha Paytas, LaurDIY & More

Kian Lawley and JC Caylen are famous YouTubers, running their YouTube profile as KianandJC. They are famous for their creative videos and cash prize challenges. The variety of videos include Mukbangs, staying in public restrooms, paying YouTubers to roast each other, buying all the sodas etc. Now, they have come up with a crazy and […]

David Dobrik Surprises Jason Nash With A $75000 Dream Car

David Dobrik and Jason Nash have been closest friends from a couple of years. The vlog squad is famous for their pranks and creativity. They all have been together in the ups and downs and still sticking together, supporting each other. Dobrik also pulled a prank of marrying Jason Nash’s mother Lorraine Nash which ultimately […]