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These Proofs Suggest Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul Wedding Is Fake

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s wedding is the talk of the world from last few days. The couple got engaged last month and the preparations have been anything but normal. Keeping in view the past track record of Jake Paul, many fans did not believe him when he said he is really going to marry […]

Jason Nash Confronted David Dobrik About Marrying His Mom

Look who decided to upload his reaction to the unusual wedding! Jason Nash finally confronted David Dobrik about marrying his mother Lorraine Nash. Well, since Nash’s stepdad is rich and also happens to be his best friend, shouldn’t he be changing his surname to Dobrik? That’s not us saying it. Jason Nash works fine for […]

David Dobrik is Jason Nash’s Stepdad Now

With an amazing turn of events, David Dobrik ended up marrying Jason Nash’s mother Lorraine Nash. Which obviously makes him Nash’s stepdad now. A 22-Years old is officially a stepdad of a 45-Years old. If Trisha Paytas was still dating Jason Nash then this would have definitely made Dobrik as her stepfather-in-law. However, she hated […]