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Danielle Cohn Is Not Acting Her Age Again

Danielle Cohn, the Tik Tok star who faced many controversies this year, is not acting her age again. Even though Danielle Cohn’s age still remains a mystery, whatever she is doing does not seem appropriate for her age as per some commentators. Her father claims she is 13, her mother and Danielle herself claim she […]

A 24-Year Old YouTuber Julia Zelg Married Her 61-Year Old Girlfriend

Very few people find their true match through Tinder. But apparently, Julia Zelg, a 24-Year old YouTuber, was one of the rare lucky ladies. Julia Zelg met 61-Year old Eileen De Freest through Tinder and the love between them blossomed so much that they are finally married. The Bond Between Julia Zelg & Eileen De […]

Jason Nash Confronted David Dobrik About Marrying His Mom

Look who decided to upload his reaction to the unusual wedding! Jason Nash finally confronted David Dobrik about marrying his mother Lorraine Nash. Well, since Nash’s stepdad is rich and also happens to be his best friend, shouldn’t he be changing his surname to Dobrik? That’s not us saying it. Jason Nash works fine for […]