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Why Durte Dom Is Wanted By The Police

Durte Dom is a social media influencer and a musician who is predominantly famous for being part of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad’. Recently, this media personality was involved in a hit-and-run accident. Los Angeles Police Department was searching for him. Apparently, this is not the first time, Dominykas Zeglaitis has been attached with problematic issues. […]

Trisha Paytas claims Gabbie Hanna is threatening her life

Another day, another Drama Alert with just another never-ending drama. Daniel Keem, a famous YouTuber and dramatic news host, decided to interview Gabbie Hanna recently. He did not have a dramatic news, and thought it would be better to have a chat with Gabbie since she recently returned from a 6 weeks hiatus from social […]

Did Colleen Ballinger take advantage of a minor, Adam McIntyre?

Recently, Colleen Ballinger was embroiled in multiple dramas at once. She recently apologized for her behavior in the latest video. First of them was her controversial video where she is saying racist things while donning her Miranda Sings character. Another one is where she is saying horrible body-shaming things about a lady that was sitting […]

Trisha Paytas Scammed Her Patron For $500?

Fans are really loving the new Trisha Paytas these days. Or shall we say, until a few days back because unfortunately, Trish is in a couple of dramas again? Her podcast The Dish with Trish is doing pretty good. But it seems like she needs more of Jordan Worona and Jeff (the old-but-new bestie) in […]

Alissa Violet Exposes FaZe Banks As A Cheater

Okay, what’s happening? I mean, why cannot we find a road map leading to this situation? Alissa Violet, Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend, and FaZe Banks (Tana Mongeau’s ex-hookup?) were dating before they broke up in July this year. Many fans shipped the couple and they were not really happy with the sudden announcement. They even thought […]

Gabbie Hanna & Shane Dawson Aren’t Friends Anymore?

Gabbie Hanna & Shane Dawson were pretty good friends back in the day. They have made many videos together, like so many of them. But only until a couple of years back. Gabbie also confirmed in a video that she loves Shane Dawson, however; staying around him makes her uncomfortable because he is friends with […]

Danielle Cohn’s Latest ‘Parents’ Prank Is Honestly Fake AF

Danielle Cohn, the famous teen YouTuber and influencer, is in “YouTube” related news from last few weeks. She has a huge fan following on YouTube and Instagram. She is also one of the famous TikTok stars as well. Everything is fine as long as you keep her lingerie and other provocative images out of the […]

Trisha Paytas Is Still Obsessed With Jason Nash

If you are following the whole Paytas-Nash story from the beginning, you would know what went down between them in 2019. The famous YouTube Couple broke up and Jason Nash moved on with his life. He is having a good time with his family and the Vlog Squad. However, Trisha Paytas’ life fell apart after […]