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YouTubers Mr.Beast and KSI invest in new social network Xcad

Yep. It is true. Mr. Beast and KSI invested in a new social network. Xcad is a network that focuses on YouTube content mainly. This platform is for creators and their fans as well. The YouTube-focused social media economy announced that they secured prominent investment from famous YouTubers like Mr. Beast and KSI. KSI is […]

Tana Mongeau is losing YouTube subscribers after apology video

A couple of days ago, Tana Mongeau issued her long-overdue apology to Kahlen Barry and Simply Nessa. In the apology, Tana tried to make up for everything she did wrong and she wanted her fans as well as Kahlen and Nessa to forgive her. However, the apology was allegedly scripted. Tana did not seem to […]

All Gabbie Hanna Drama that led to her Social Media Hiatus

The month of June was not exactly smooth for YouTuber and Singer, Gabbie Hanna with all the drama that blew up online. So, while it may be hard to keep track of everything that was happening daily, we’ll list it out for you to make it easier! Nearing the end of May, Gabbie’s fans had […]

Jenna Marbles Announces Decision To Quit YouTube

Jenna Marbles has announced that she will be moving on from YouTube. This news comes 10 years after she first started her popular channel. And after 20 million subscribers. Related: Here’s Why Jenna Marbles is Quitting YouTube The YouTube personality, Jenna Marbles took to her channel to post a brief video titled “A Message.” She […]

YouTube holding back funds Gabbie Hanna raised for charity?

Gabbie Hanna has either got it out for YouTube or YouTube has got it out for her? It seems like the answer would be the later of the two scenarios. Gabbie Hanna only recently accused YouTube of shadowbanning her. According to her, when her YouTube music video for Special from Bad Karma released, YouTube was […]

Colleen Ballinger Apologizes for Racist Remarks

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger is showing us it’s never too late to make up for past mistakes. No matter where you are in life and no matter how long ago your mistake was, you can always own up to it. And then apologise for your actions. Related: Did Colleen Ballinger take advantage of a minor, Adam […]