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Sophia Bush’s Podcast Does Live Episode With Stacy London

Sophia Bush’s podcast, Work in Progress, is currently one of the most popular podcasts available out there. She’s brought notable celebrities for the interview such as Chelsea Handler and Karamo Brown. Recently, she interviewed the What Not To Wear’s Stacy London for a first-ever live episode of Work in Progress. Related: Sophia Bush’s Thoughts on […]

Kristen Bell Appreciates a Multitasking Mom Professor

It’s always nice and refreshing to see women applauding and appreciating other women. And when it’s your favorite celebrities, the love for them increases ten folds. We all love Kristen Bell. May it be because she’s Gossip Girl’s voice, or that she’s Veronica Mars. We love her and we can’t get enough of her. But […]

Emma Watson Urges G7 Countries to Adopt Gender Equality Laws

Emma Watson has been an outspoken supporter of women’s rights. Quite recently the Harry Potter actress partnered with the Time’s Up UK Justice and Equality Fund to launch a new helpline for women who have been sexually harassed at work in England and Wales. Now Emma Watson urges her fans and the G7 countries to […]

Why Halsey’s ‘Nightmare’ Will Grow On You

If you listen to Halsey’s new single, ‘Nightmare‘ for the very first time, you’ll most probably be taken aback. This is especially true if you watch the music video with it. As Halsey appears wearing tight, black, leather clothes with dark makeup on and emo vibes, you might wonder what happened to the sweet American […]

The 6 Top and Upcoming Female Rappers of 2019

No doubt, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were all the rage in pop music in 2018. But they’re not the only female rappers who broke trends and lit stages. Over the past year, many hidden talents have revealed themselves. And some of these female rappers really stood out – what with their witty rap lyrics […]

Sandra Oh: The Lady Who Cleansed TV Off Racial Constraints

Sandra Oh has been a part of such brazenly entertaining shows that you do not immediately realize how amazing she is. The 47-year-old Canadian Actress is remembered by her household name Christiana Yang from The Grey’s Anatomy. With Several Golden Globes and Screen Actor Guild Awards already at her disposal, Sandra Oh has carved a […]

Good Girls: True Women Empowerment

Our society has really changed perspectives when it comes to treating women. We now have learned to give them the respect they deserve. It is no doubt that media has played a major role in doing so. It’s a two-way street. The culture and the media simultaneously influence each other and are influenced by each […]