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Director Andy Serkis Has An Update On Tom Hardy’s Venom 2

We don’t have a trailer yet, but we do have director Andy Serkis to give us updates. Tom Hardy’s newest superhero movie, Venom 2 has an update to share with the world. The last we have seen of this black, head-chomping, alien Symbiote was when Eddie Brock finally accepts what abilities he really has. Roaming […]

Venom 2 Might Have A Spiderman Cameo Starring Tom Holland

Once the rumors of the first movie, now they have taken over the sequel as Venom 2 starts production. There are talks that spiderman will appear for the second part of Tom Hardy’s movie. And when we talk about spiderman, who else are we pointing at other than Tom Holland? Although Sony holds the rights […]

Venom 2 Cast Addition | The Irishman’s Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham, or as you may know him, Tony Pro from The Irishman is a British actor who has played some mighty impressive roles! Most of his roles revolve around being a gangster or a robber and we love the way he pulls them off! Since his most recent role in the Netflix movie The […]