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Dance Moms Star Kalani Hilliker Defends her Donald Trump endorsement

Kalani Hilliker is learning that it’s best to keep political views to yourself during a really polarising time in America. As the 2020 US Elections take place, the whole country divides itself based on who they’re voting for. While many celebrities and influencers are huge Joe Biden supporters, there are some that are still voting […]

Tyler Oakley Collaborates with 9-Year-Old Activist Austin Hammonds

Tyler Oakley, the famous LGBTQ rights activist, and Youtuber is hitting the mainstream and social media for the cutest reason. Tyler introduced Austin Hammonds, a 9-year old activist, in a tweet. The two are collaborating for a far-fetched project of bringing Donald Trump down. I am not sure which is cuter – the activist or […]

Tyler Oakley landlord status getting him canceled makes no sense

Coronavirus has everyone holed up in their houses with not much to do but scroll on the internet. Interestingly, that’s what celebrities are doing as well. Some are doing random Q&A sessions on Instagram Live like Sophie Turner. Meanwhile, influencers like Tyler Oakley are sharing personal details about their life. Tyler Oakley just came out […]