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People turn to Twitter as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook stop working

Things do not look good as the favorite applications go down while the weekend approaches. Currently, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp are the applications that are not working. Thinking their IDs might be hacked and deactivated, many people turned to Twitter to confirm what’s happening and complain about the down apps. Memes are going viral on […]

Tamar Braxton Says Her Son Logan Threatened Her Over PS5

Kids these days are something else. They’re smarter than we were at their age and know how to get what they want. The same is the case with Tamar Braxton’s son who knows exactly what to do to get the Christmas present he wants. Related: Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso facing troubles? Tamar Braxton took […]

Tyga Promotes His OnlyFans Account

Celebrities making their OnlyFans Accounts are not a big deal. However, celebrities like Tyga have come up with unique ways to promote their accounts. Related: Tyga On A Roll With New Album Legendary You must be wondering how exactly Tyga decided to promote his account. Well, you must have heard about Chris Evans’ manhood circling […]

Why Twitter thought Music Producer Dr. Luke died!

The latest ongoing rumor about Music Producer Dr. Luke’s death is proof enough that the internet is a scary place. Especially for public figures such as Dr. Luke (full name Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald). The rumor first started when the record producer Luke’s name popped up on Twitter linked to a fake screenshot that falsely announced […]

Tana Mongeau apology To Kahlen Barry & Simply Nessa backfires

Tana Mongeau is once again caught under fire for her latest apology video. She just posted the video a few hours ago and a lot of fans started bashing her on twitter that the whole apology seems scripted. And some of them even complained they cannot watch the apology video as Tana has made it […]

Chrissy Teigen had to delete 60,000 Tweets for safety of her family

Chrissy Teigen is a beloved media personality. One of the reasons for that is her interesting and often entertaining tweets. But she’s had her fair share of online trolls mocking her and what she says. Online trolls also spread baseless rumors. This time though, it has made Chrissy Teigen very cautious. So much so that […]