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David Dobrik Joins Twitch in a spectacular way

We have already established that David Dobrik is probably the most generous YouTuber out there. A part of the Vlog Squad, he is truly a joy to know. His success via his daily vlogs and now his own TV show on Discovery makes only reinstates just how passionate he is. And although he has stopped […]

TimTheTatMan Finally Wins on Fall Guys and Trends on Twitter

The gaming streaming platform Twitch is currently finding itself obsessed with a new craze: Fall Guys. It’s this new addictive game that almost everyone on Twitch is playing. However, TimTheTatMan was failing to win in Fall Guys. And can you believe it? The game Fall Guys dragged the hell out of TimTheTatMan on Twitter because […]

Twitch Streamer Byron “Reckful” Bernstein dies at 31 from suicide

A popular Twitch streamer by the name of Byron “Reckful” Bernstein dies at the mere age of 31. This has shattered the gaming community who are sharing the prayers and condolences to Byron’s loved ones. His ex-girlfriend Blue and his brother confirms that it was death by suicide. Twitch even posted a statement: Byron Bernstein […]

Dr. Disrespect Breaks Silence Over Twitch Ban | Tells He Doesn’t Know

Who could have known that after just three months of signing a brand new contract with Twitch, there would come a life-changing moment for the streamer Dr. Disrespect? That is exactly what happened for the Twitch streamer. Interestingly, he received a mysterious text during his final stream after which he immediately shut the stream and […]

Twitch Lawsuit: Streaming Media In $25M Case Due To Alinity & Others

A regular viewer on Twitch has filed a lawsuit against the streaming media and demanded $25 million in damages. The user claims that the man sexually suggestive Twitch female streamers have made it nearly impossible for the plaintiff to use Twitch without getting exposed to sexual content. The viewer has also gone on to name […]

Banned Alinity Twitch facing racism on her n*p color

The people who have been trying to get Alinity banned from Twitch, are finally relieved when she got banned from the server after ages. However, It is still not what they all wanted. Alinity Twitch can be defined as one of the most controversial streamers on Twitch. And that’s solely due to the fact that […]

Twitch Star Alinity Does N*p Slip And Is Still Not Banned

Another day and another time Alinity avoided Twitch ban. The immortal goddess of Twitch seems to have no ends to her power. Or perhaps Twitch does not have any power when it comes to the world of Alinity and her live streams. Sort of reminds us of a sick King Theoden when Gandalf visits him. […]

Corinna Kopf Goes To Feud With Controversial Twitch Streamer Alinity

Twitch seemingly has biased streaming policies that are getting on gamers’ nerve. Streamers, for instance, Ninja, are responding by leaving Twitch for another “better” streaming service. Recently, streamer and model Corinna Kopf, or better known as Pouty Girl, got banned from the platform as well. Twitch claims that she was wearing undergarments on a live […]