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Is Bryce Hall transphobic or not? People on internet say he is

Bryce Hall’s birthday is turning into a birth-week. Even though his birthday party took place a few days ago, there is still something new hitting the internet every other day. After his huge birthday bash, another influencer Elijah Daniel confirmed that he is putting an end to Hype House and Sway House parties. Their power […]

Nikita Dragun Celebrates Trans Day Of Visibility In A Fun Way

The beauty mogul, Nikita Dragun, started her career as a YouTuber in 2014. She took her fans to the journey of her transition and shared everything in detail. Nikita’s parents have played a very major part in her transitioning. She is very lucky to have two supporting pillars by her side. Nikita has mentioned in […]

No, a Pedophile was not Released From Jail After Becoming transgender

A convicted pedophile who molested 15 children aged 1-15 was released from prison after completing their sentence. In the city of Iowa, pedophiles and sexual predators can be held by the court beyond their prison terms. Though, that only happens when it can be proved that they are likely to re-offend. Due to the sex […]

James Charles Supports Nikkietutorials Coming Out As Trans

NikkieTutorials (Nikkie de Jager) is a YouTube famous make-up artist. She was recently blackmailed into coming out. The gorgeous beauty guru reveals that she is transgender! As expected, this was a hard time for Nikkie. However, all the support and acceptance by her fans, is helping her through it. But it’s not just them. It’s […]