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Taika Waititi shares if there’s going to be Thor 5

We have all heard about Taika Waititi, Haven’t we? The famous New Zealand director, producer, actor and comedian has done so much in the film and television industry. He has won many awards and accolades as well. The director has directed many of the Marvel movies like ‘Thor Ragnarok’ and ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. Taika […]

Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Extraction’ nominated for People’s Choice Awards

Since the nominees for the People’s Choice Awards were disclosed last Thursday, celebrities are sharing their happiness with fans. Chris Hemsworth did the same because of his nominations for the People’s Choice Awards for his film Extraction. Action-packed film ‘Extraction’ starring the handsome Chris Hemsworth was released earlier this year on Netflix. The film has […]

Chris Hemsworth & Wife Elsa Pataky’s Toilet Paper Accident

The news of a lockdown all over the globe sent everyone into panic mode. They started raiding the supermarkets, stocking up on everything in bulk quantities. However, the one item that soon ran out at the supermarkets after hand sanitizer, is toilet paper. Since toilet paper is a quintessential item, people thought better safe than […]

Chris Hemsworth Pays Tribute To The Avengers: Endgame Stuntmen

Chris Hemsworth praises his Avenger’s Endgame stuntmen’s contributions via his twitter post. The Australian Thor thanked his double stuntman in great words. He acknowledges all the hard work and overloads these stuntmen bear and support the actors plus the success of the movies. He particularly pointed a very risky scene and posted the clip in […]

Unexpected guest joins Chris Hemsworth and wife for breakfast

Chris Hemsworth or, as we like to know him, Thor from Marvel, loves his wife, Elsa Pataky. As adorable as the two are, the outdoors of their home in Byron Bay, Australia, are so unconventional as they are often stumbling across reptiles in their backyard. So, as most fans probably know, a little while back […]

Channing Tatum Advises Chris Hemsworth to go Nude?

Thor is one of Marvel’s most loved characters. Chris Hemsworth, being the buff and big guy he is, is the reason most women watch the Marvel movies. That is; until the Endgame. Oh, how heartbreaking it was for girls all over the world to watch the Nors God turn into a fat alcoholic. Luckily for […]