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The Weeknd After Hours Short Film Inspired By His Love Life?

The Weeknd has been driving XO fans crazy by releasing the Tsunami of his album in the form of droplets. We already have three songs from his new album After Hours, to keep us holding till the album gets released this month. People are coming up with a fusion of song titles, just to kill […]

The Weeknd Blinding Lights Music Video is a Bloody Bender

Lo and behold! The Weeknd delivered. Finally, the much-anticipated Blinding Lights music video is out. The hit music track was immensely appreciated and landed in the Global Top 50 on Spotify. A music video would be the cherry on top. Well, we’ve watched it. And we’re going to tell you all what we think. Related: […]

The Weeknd Appreciates Uncut Gems’ F-words count

‘Uncut Gems’ is in theaters and the movie is getting serious hype for being one of the most profane movies ever. The Adam Sandler starer film also casts Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd. And Abel is appreciating the movie’s high F word-count. Related: The Weeknd & Mercedes-Benz Release Blinding Lights Uncut Gems Directed by Josh and […]

The Weeknd Is Back On Instagram With A Surprise

When I saw some fans discussing the topic on Twitter, my initial reaction was “don’t be fooled, that image might be photoshopped”. But then, I had to see it myself in order to confirm whether it was really photoshopped or not. And guess what, it is not. Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd, is back on Instagram. […]

The Weeknd Nails Jack Nicholson’s Joker On Halloween

Everyone is waiting for The Weeknd to drop his next album. Even, Abel Tesfaye himself is waiting to complete his album so that he can use the internet with freedom. The Weeknd deactivated his Instagram account and he is only using his Twitter account occasionally. XO fans, on the other hand, are taking every single […]

Fans React To The Weeknd’s Insomnia

The Weeknd is not dropping the damn album. If you came here in hopes of finding an update for his album, sorry! we don’t have any. However, we do have an update (kind…of) on The Weeknd’s activities these days. He is, apparently, still working on the Album. Like always, The Weeknd dropped two tweets today. […]

The Weeknd’s BBTM Song ‘The Hills’ Is Now Diamond Certified

Major BBTM feels. ‘The Hills’ by The Weeknd is now officially diamond certified! But are you surprised? I mean, it was bound to happen (and should’ve happened a long time ago). At one point, people (and the radio) almost got annoying acting like ‘The Hills’ was the best Weeknd song ever (because it was the only […]

The Weeknd Deactivates Instagram Thanks To XO Fans

Okay, maybe it wasn’t entirely because of fans but we did annoy him quite a bit about the upcoming album. The Weeknd deactivated his Instagram account this week and it might be because he needed some space. Chapter VI is on its way, and the XO fam has been very impatiently waiting for it. It’s […]

The Weeknd Still Hasn’t Released The Damn Album

Yeah, I think we might as well give up by this point. He’s not going to listen. Since Dear Melancholy was released in March last year, no one has let The Weeknd catch his breath. I mean it’s been more than a year and we want new music, is that too much to ask? The […]