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Selena Gomez’s New Song About The Weeknd?

I think there’s only one good thing about being stuck at home. And that’s the fact that we have all this time to listen to Selena Gomez on repeat. And lucky for us, Selena just dropped three songs from the deluxe edition of her latest album, Rare. Related: Selena Gomez Shares Her TV, Movie & […]

The Weeknd Drops After Hours | Listen Now!!

The Weeknd is definitely going to kill us with kindness. And some bloody images of himself that he keeps using for his latest tracks. Turns out, the whole album is a bloody bender. Or it will be when it comes out, as the album cover is a bleeding one. Currently, we only have three tracks […]

The Weeknd Is Releasing Something In 2 Days

Okay, Weeknders, we have good news for you, finally. For a fair amount of time, we’ve been speculating and anticipating Abel Tesfaye to release something. Most fans have been waiting (and begging him) to release the music video of his new hit track ‘Blinding Lights.’ Others have straight-up demanded The Weeknd to just give them […]

The Weeknd Releases Heartless Video

Don’t you love it how we’re getting to hear more from ‘The Weeknd’ every now and then? Being an all-time ‘The Weeknd’ aka Abel Tesfaye fan, I feel super happy when I get to listen to his amazing music or watch his newest music videos. Last week, Abel blessed our ears with ‘Heartless’ and ‘Blinding […]

The ‘Heartless’ Weeknd’s First Track Is NSFW AF

Honestly, when I saw the viral “artwork” of The Weeknd’s Heartless, the first track from his new album, I was seriously doubting the “Parental Advisory” warning. But, damn, that song is seriously NSFW AF. It’s not safe for work, for home if you live with your parents, and not safe for the kids at all. […]

The Weeknd | New Music Album & Mercedes-Benz Film

Fall is over folks. The Weeknd is coming, just in time for ThanksGiving. Remember when Abel Tesfaye tweeted asking about when fall will be over, and we just knew a new album is about to get dropped? Well, turns out we really know our favorite artist all too well. A new album is on its […]

The Weeknd Hints Album Release In Winter?

The Weeknd is one of those music artists with a voice so beautiful, and music so enticing that it takes you somewhere else. Even the lyrics of his songs are deep and hard-hitting. The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) has bagged three Grammy Awards, eight Billboard Music Awards, nine Juno Awards,  two American Music Awards, and has […]

Fans React To The Weeknd’s Insomnia

The Weeknd is not dropping the damn album. If you came here in hopes of finding an update for his album, sorry! we don’t have any. However, we do have an update (kind…of) on The Weeknd’s activities these days. He is, apparently, still working on the Album. Like always, The Weeknd dropped two tweets today. […]

The Weeknd Hints Album Release In His Latest Tweet?

The Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye, knows how to stay on top of the Trending tree. His fans are writhing in agony, waiting for his album release. However, Abel has been staying hush-hush about it. When the fans started to get on his nerves, he deactivated his Instagram account. But that did not stop his fans though. […]