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Why Durte Dom Is Wanted By The Police

Durte Dom is a social media influencer and a musician who is predominantly famous for being part of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad’. Recently, this media personality was involved in a hit-and-run accident. Los Angeles Police Department was searching for him. Apparently, this is not the first time, Dominykas Zeglaitis has been attached with problematic issues. […]

David Dobrik Finally Surprises New Assistant With A Car

David Dobrik, the YouTuber leading the Vlog Squad, has surprised many of his friends and fans. He has paid off student debts, given friends the best wedding gifts as well as surprised his friends with dream cars. In fact, his assistant and BFF Natalie Noel has received two cars by now. If you are a […]

Jason Nash Desperate To Find GF After Trisha Paytas Wedding?

Well, looks like the wait is finally over. We can stop wondering why Jason Nash is still single, and now start wondering who is going to be his next GF. As soon as Trisha Paytas got married, many people have been praying to get an update from Jason on his love life. In fact, both […]

Jason Nash Pulls A Girlfriend Prank Amidst Trisha Paytas Wedding Chaos

Trisha Paytas is staying all hush-hush on her so-called wedding. And we have got no further details except her wedding pictures and post-wedding celebrations with her mother and sister. Like seriously, there is no sign of the guy. People have even started saying that Trisha Paytas married one of her multiple personalities. Fans and followers, […]

David Dobrik Finally Gets A Haircut & It’s Still Messy

The leader of the Vlog Squad, David Dobrik, finally had a haircut after ages and OMG, it is still messy AF. Either he did not really want this haircut or Jeff Wittek needs extra skills. In fact, Wittek has been running his Jeff’s Barber Shop for quite some time. He has given haircuts to Jason […]

Puke Warning! Ew! David Dobrik Gets Pissed On By A Lion

David Dobrik, the famous YouTuber who keeps gifting luxury cars to his best friends, has pulled many pranks on many people. His pranks know no boundaries. That is why Trisha Paytas and other ex-Vlog Squad members blame him (and Jason Nash) for leaving the squad. Because apparently, their jokes are too much for the other […]

Trisha Paytas Is Set For Pregnancy, But She’s Missing One Thing

Trisha Paytas is back to gaining more fans and followers after she exposed David Dobrik, Jason Nash, The Vlog Squad and Jeff Wittek. Her honesty and truth have inspired many and some are even canceling The Vlog Squad. Trisha Paytas has proved she has moved on in her life, both physically and mentally. She is […]