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Daniel Gillies Mourns With His Native Country New Zealand

Daniel Gillies recently shared his thoughts on the massive shooting this Friday in his native country New Zealand. The Islamophobic terror attack on two New Zealand mosques has caused 49 casualties and left several injured. Daniel shared his support both on Instagram and Twitter. All the celebrities and global public figures have also shared their […]

Real Life Bromance Between Ian Somerhalder And Matt Davis

Ian Somerhalder and Matt Davis are co-stars from the CW Series The Vampire Diaries. Matt Davis played the role of Alaric Saltzman, a vampire slayer whereas Ian played the role of notorious Damon Salvatore. Both hated each other in the beginning of the series however their hatred later turned into on-screen bromance. Not to forget, […]

Nina Dobrev Jumped Off A Two Storey Wall To Prank Her Ex-Boyfriend

Nina Dobrev is a popular Canadian actress, best known for her roles, Elena Gilbert / Katherine Pierce / Amara in CW’S Supernatural series The ‘Vampire Diaries’. Recently, she shared a deadly prank she did on her ex-boyfriend Nina Dobrev Popular On Instagram Dobrev is a famous social media personality with a huge fan base. Her followers are however eager to […]