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MrBeast and Joe Rogan Say TikTok Spies on Them

We all know that MrBeast is always up to something. And the YouTuber and philanthropist recently made headlines by starting real-life Squid Games! With over 91 million subscribers and billions of views, MrBeast certainly has a huge audience. On the other hand, Joe Rogan always manages to get on quite a few nerves. The UFC […]

Chris D’Elia (No Pain), Soiled His Pants On His Way to Meet Eminem

Chris D’Elia, No Pain, tells Joe Rogan about how he started working with Eminem (Godzilla). The stand-up comedian also shares the details of the day he met the rap king and it’s hilarious. The day Chris D’Elia met the King of Rap The conversation between Undateable‘s Delia and Joe Rogan with a casual talk on […]

Bill Gates Vaccine Initiative, Joe Rogan Reacts

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is conspiracy theorists’ favorite target at the moment. The most talked-about conspiracy being his link to Coronavirus creation and ultimately profiting from its vaccine. However, JRE‘s Joe Rogan thinks differently and doesn’t believe in the hoaxes surrounding Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation. Related: Podfather Adam Curry Explains Big Google Conspiracy Theory […]