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The Expanse Season 4

Expanse Cast Settles At Amazon Easily And Hilariously

Its already been a year since #SaveTheExpanseDay, an auspicious occasion where Amazon president Jeff Bezos himself stepped in to save the best Space-opera of all time. The Expanse is receiving deservedly better treatment at Amazon. It now has its own official merchandise. Additionally, its upcoming Season 4 will also enjoy greater creative liberties, allowing for […]

The Expanse Launches Official Merchandise On Amazon

TV’s favorite Sci-Fi drama, The Expanse is finding a lot of love on its new home, Amazon Prime. First, Amazon president had himself engineered a distributor shift for The Expanse when Syfy had refused to pick up the show for a Season 4. Later, the cast was allowed to visit Amazon’s Blue Origin spaceship. Next, […]

Elias Toufexis Jokingly Petitions For The Expanse To Be Remade

Based on James S.A. Corey’s ongoing series of novels, The Expanse is a Sci-Fi epic that will likely increase its cult following into a mainstream audience with is upcoming Season 4 on Amazon. However, a former cast member, Elias Toufexis, has refused to accept the fate of his now deceased character. And he has jokingly […]