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Drew Barrymore shades Ellen DeGeneres in her own talk show

Remember when Dakota Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres had a rift on her show? Looks like Drew Barrymore also had beef with The Ellen Show host. After two years, Barrymore and Johnson reminisced on the awkward interview. Recently, Johnson appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show where the viral interview came up. Needless to say, the two […]

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Is Ending After Viewership Falls

After allegations of creating a toxic work environment and mistreatment, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is coming to an end. Since last year, the show’s viewership has dropped massively and led to its end. Recently, Ellen DeGeneres announced the news in a tearful video. At the beginning of her latest episode, Ellen announced the big news. […]

Anne Heche Opens Up About Dating Ellen DeGeneres

Anne Heche, a 51-year-old actress, was one of the first few people to have paved the way for equal LGBTQ rights. And it all started back in 1997 when she was dating popular television host, Ellen DeGeneres. Anne Heche, while speaking about her last performance on Dancing with the Stars, could not help but recall […]