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Robert Pattinson Leaves Cryptic And Abstract Messages on Batman Fan Forums

Hollywood heartthrob and the newest Batman, Robert Pattinson had fans scratching their heads. The actor, whose controversial casting as Batman earned him the moniker “Battinson” could possibly have read what you had to say! And to prepare for this heavyweight role, Battinson revealed that he scrolled through fan forums for research. Dream come true We […]

Robert Pattinson shocked over lack of criticism for the Batman casting!

Casting Robert Pattinson as arguably the most recognizable superhero in history was bound to face backlash. The actor, who gained fame from his role as Edward from The Twilight Saga wouldn’t be a fan’s first choice. And that is why even before the casting was announced, multiple petitions to change the decision started making rounds! […]

Robert Pattinson Struggling To Maintain Batman Figure Amidst Lockdown

Fan-favorite Robert Pattinson got in the best of his physique when he was to start filming for DC’s The Batman movie. However, whispers are telling that the 33-year-old actor is struggling to maintain that figure during the quarantine lockdown. The actor is practicing social distancing by staying in London with his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. However, […]

New Batman Movie Production Halts As Coronavirus Fear Escalates

As the world prepares and contains spreading of the new coronavirus, director Matt Reeves and DC have also come up with a plan. Like other Hollywood movies that are halting production and suspending release dates, Robert Pattinson’s The Batman will also pause its production. The decision to suspend production will stay in effect for two […]

Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile Revealed

Matt Reeves has proved again we were all wrong to judge Robert Pattinson as Batman. If you had to describe Batman by three things: it would be his costume, the Batmobile and the Batcave. And Reeves just revealed the second one in a tweet: Related: Robert Pattinson’s new Batman costume reveal The new Batmobile is… […]

Robert Pattinson’s Batman Costume Reveal

Matt Reeves finally gives DC fans the teaser they had been waiting for. When the Twilight star was announced to play the next incarnation of Batman, it came as a huge surprise. Even his own fans said that he might not be able to portray the brooding Dark Knight perfectly. However, this first look shows […]

We Stan Jensen Ackles As The Batman

Many celebrities have outdone themselves this year when it came to Halloween and Halloween costumes. Tom Hiddleston was Daredevil, Kevin Hart was The Rock, and Robert Pattinson was Batman. Sorry, he still is. And that was not a Halloween costume. (My bad). P.S. I am not dissing him at all. Just like everyone else, I’m […]