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Griffin Gluck & Sabrina Carpenter Halloween Look: Are They Dating?

Tall Girl star Sabrina Carpenter and Griffin Gluck became pretty good friends after the movie. They were seen hanging out quite frequently and the two are always commenting on each other’s social media profiles. Some fans even speculated that the two were secretly an item. That’s just mere speculation but their latest Halloween look is […]

Tall Girl’s Luke Eisner Takes a Step To Help Domestic Abuse Survivors

Luke Eisner has raised considerable popularity after the release of the Netflix movie Tall Girl. He stars alongside Ava Michelle, Sabrina Carpenter, and Griffin Gluck. He played the role of a Swedish exchange student Stig, who happens to be the only guy taller than the main girl Jodie. While his character wasn’t always good, the […]

The Reason Ava Michelle Stans Blake Lively Is So Pure

We’ve seen our fair share of celebrities stanning other celebrities. Everyone has their own reason to fangirl on any celebrity in their day and age. But Ava Michelle’s reason for being a fan of Blake Lively is so wholesome that you will just smile hearing it. In an interview of promoting her Netflix movie Tall […]

Tall Girl Review: Can Netflix Stop With These Cringefests Already

You know after Sierra Burges is a Loser, I didn’t expect Netflix to make the same mistake again. However, I should’ve known to not expect anything, because not only did they make the same mistake again, but this time it’s worse. The new Netflix original movie Tall Girl is now streaming on Netflix and I’m […]