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Women Had More Power In Their Story in Stranger Things Season 3

Yes, Stranger Things’ main leading character was a little girl with superpowers: Milli Bobby Brown’s Eleven. Yet the first two seasons didn’t allow any of the women in the show to take charge of their own stories. The women in the cast rarely had meaningful relationships with each other. The addition of Max (Sadie Sink) […]

Best Moments From Stranger Things Season 3

We have all probably binge-watched the entire third season of Stranger Things when it premiered but we’re still not over it. Stranger Things season 3 was without a doubt the best season of the series-or maybe second best. Nothing would top the first season of Stranger Things for us. Though the finale of the season […]

Stranger Things Cast Gives You Season 1 and 2’s Recap

Bless Netflix and bless Stranger Things Cast. The third season of the show is coming on Netflix on 4th July and though we’d like to skip everything and binge-watch the first two seasons ahead of the third, we can’t. But don’t worry, the cast of the show is more than ready to help us and […]

Crossover On The Cards For The Good Place Season 4 And Stranger Things Season 3?

The Emmys have repeatedly given nods to Netflix’s favourite full-bodied Sci-Fi series, Stranger Things, for a reason. The show, which propels its out-of-ordinary narrative with an evocative, nostalgic tone, has maintained fine proportions of observance and genius in its two-season run. That is certainly something the makers really want to tap on before Stranger Things […]

Millie Bobby Brown’s Ex Jacob Sartorius Reveals He’s Going to Therapy

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is growing up under the spotlight, so naturally her personal life invites a lot of media attention. Especially at a time when various speculations  about her exit from the Stranger Things franchise with the upcoming Stranger Things Season 3 are rife, everything connected to her becomes a sensational piece […]