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Is Star Wars Universe Better Than Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The year 2019 was a year of ending for some of the famous TV entertainment shows. We saw an end to X-Men, Game of Thrones and other franchises that completed their runs. We also saw Avengers completing its chapter of the Infinity Arc, culminating with Avengers: Endgame. Later, Star Wars closed its story on the […]

Lili Reinhart Thinks Cole Sprouse Looks like Daisy Ridley

Our Riverdale stars, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart (Bughead) are the cutest on and off-screen couple ever. They make no secret of how taken they are by each other. In a recent Instagram post by Cole Sprouse on his official page, he posted a picture of Daisy Ridley from the set of Star Wars: The […]

Star Wars Clone Wars Season 7 Is Returning To Disney+ in 2020

Star Wars community’s favorite animated show is returning in 2020 with 12 new episodes. Streaming on Disney+, Star Wars: Clone Wars will return to mark its Season 7 in the Disney’s newest streaming platform. Although there is no official release date, all we know for now is that it will come in February 2020. The […]

Baby Yoda Feasts On Jabba The Hutt This Thanksgiving

We were, honestly, taken aback when we saw Baby Yoda feast on raw and live alien frogs in Episode 2 of The Mandalorian. As much as it weirded us out, it has given rise to a really strange fan fiction/theory. I mean, a living thing, has to eat. Right? We can’t just think that the […]

Watch Star Wars Saga And Get Chance To Win a Prize of $1000

To all the sloths among us waiting for an opportunity. To all the binge-watchers seeking to find benefits in their binge-watching skills. To all the Star Wars geeks, hoping that one day their love for intergalactic battle will someday pay off. Now is the time to act. Cable TV is ready to give away $1000 […]

Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian Inspires Heartwarming Memes

Before things become confusing for Star Wars fans and others, let make this clear from the beginning; Baby Yoda is not THE Yoda. There is much hype on the Internet regarding the green baby which The Mandalorian showed at the end of its latest episode. As much as the fans want to see a baby […]

ABC Plans Holiday Telecast With Disney Christmas Parade

This holiday season every TV network is coming up with its own lineup of festive, exciting Christmas specials, all in a bid to up their ratings. ABC will venture differently this time, it has chosen the road to telecast some live holiday action this Christmas morning. The part of a tradition ABC will broadcast The […]