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Shawn Mendes & Flow Water Joined Hands To Save The World From Plastic Threats

Shawn Mendes and his music manager, Andrew Gertler, collaborated with Flow Water to save the world organically. This month, ‘Flow Alkaline Spring Water’, cheerfully, announced their partnership with Shawn Mendes and music manager Andrew Gertler. Both of them have also joined the Brand as investors and advisors. Flow Water, Shawn Mendes And Andrew Gertler On A  Distilled […]

Who Could Be Prince Eric to Halle Bailey’s Ariel?

Halle Bailey’s casting as Ariel was a shock for many and divided the internet. While many don’t see a problem with the casting choice, there are still some people who’re just not ready to accept a poc mermaid. Even the actress that voiced the original Ariel loved this casting choice. So people will have to […]

How ‘Shawn Mendes: The Tour’ Is Fighting Climate Crisis

Shawn Mendes is currently touring North America as a part of a promotional campaign to market his third self-titled studio album, “Shawn Mendes The Album”. The prince of pop headlined his first North American concert in Portland, USA. And now, he will soon travel to Canada for subsequent musical gigs. Mendes is a celebrity who […]

Pop Boys From ‘One Direction’ Hint Reunion With Shawn Mendes!

Are Those Pop Boys From ‘One Direction’ Planning A Reunion with New Member Shawn Mendes? Fans are terribly missing their ‘Midnight memories’ band boys. One Direction Band Boys Announced Their Hiatus In 2015 The ‘One Direction’ Band spunk ‘Harry Styles’ said that he is perhaps the one who first proposed the idea of taking a break. Later […]

Did Shawn Mendes Just Like A Transphobic Joke?

When you are the world’s most desired heart-throb, everything you do becomes a subject of mass, meticulous, uncompromising scrutiny. Being popular is not, after all easy. If you fall from stage, it becomes a sensational news.  Your homophobic jokes will haunt you when you land a hosting job at the Oscars. And people will remind you of […]

Connor Franta Wants us to Let Shawn Mendes Be

Connor Franta discusses the topic of Shawn Mendes’ sexuality which is buzzing in the media these days in an eloquent and insightful full video. People have repeatedly questioned the sexuality of Shawn Mendes. Despite the singer confirming several times that he is straight, the rounds do not seem to subside. The Twitter queer community largely […]