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Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Videos Make a Return

So “What you are about to watch may make you question everything you think you know. Viewer discretion is advised.” Our ears have been craving these words for the last 3 years. And ever since the whole Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star saga, his YouTube career had a huge downfall. However, finally we’re getting them […]

James Charles, Shane Dawson, and Ryland Adams are COVID-19 positive

It seems that COVID-19 is getting active again and making people sick. Recently, James Charles announced that he has tested positive for Coronavirus. According to him, he was vaccinated and got booster shots as well. However, it could not keep him safe from the virus. Similarly Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have also tested positive […]

Ryland Adams and Shane Dawson planning to have a kid

After Shane Dawson faced multiple controversies over his past problematic jokes and content, he took some time off the internet. While Shane planned not to make an appearance on social media, Ryland launched a podcast with his friend, Lizzie Gordon. Slowly, Shane is returning to social media and YouTube by making appearances on Ryland’s YouTube […]