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Noor Dabash Stands By Her sexual Assault Accusations Against Nickolas Ray

Noor Dabash is a famous TikTok personality and content creator. On November 2021, Dabash allegedly accused fellow TikTok star Nickolas Ray of sexual assault. Noor took to her twitter account with username noordabashh and requested that “WE MUST DEPLATFORM NICKOLAS RAY“. Since then, Nickolas has responded to her alleged accusations in a series of videos […]

Vinnie Hacker Shares He Was Sexually Assaulted When He Was 16

Hype House member Vinnie Hacker shared a personal story on the Harry Jowsey’s Tap In Podcast. He opened up a lot about his life in Hype House, his recent fight with Deji where he won in the ‘TikTokers Vs. YouTubers’ match and some traumatic incidents in his life. Hype House member Vinnie Hacker opened up […]

Sienna Mae Gomez explains what happened in her relationship with Jack Wright & says it was someone else who sexually assaulted him in statement

Once the popular online couple that everyone loved, is now surrounded with deeply disturbing allegations. Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright were the most beloved TikTok couple online when they started appearing in each other’s social media in late 2020. Up until a few weeks ago, they were happily posting content online for their collective […]