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Paul Rudd once sneakily gave Seth Rogen a massage!

Seth Rogen recently revealed something surprising in his tweet. He said that his good friend and another famous Paul Rudd sneakily gave him a massage once, and he didn’t even realize it until later. You all know who Paul Rudd is, right? Let us just tell you a little about the famous Hollywood actor. Paul […]

When Seth Rogen got so high, he scared Bryan Cranston

Everyone is aware of Seth Rogen’s love for weed and marijuana. It’s a recreational drug that’s now legal in the many States of the USA after all. It’s a theme that Rogen has often incorporated into his own movies as well so we all associate Seth Rogen with getting high. However, on one such occasion, […]

Seth Rogen Slams back At Commenters In Anti-Racist Post

The actor-director Seth Rogen has taken a very blunt move to show his support for Black Lives Matter. In a post he made on Instagram, he openly called for people to unfollow him if they do not believe in the movement, or have an opinion of “all lives matter” instead. A lot of celebrities are […]

Ryan Reynolds Jokes About Celebrities And COVID-19

Ryan Reynolds is perhaps the funniest celebrity around. With his witty comebacks, sarcastic tweets and just plain hilarious jabs at others, especially wife Blake Lively. Related: Humans Are At Fault For Coronavirus, Not Bats He recently spoke out about the global pandemic called COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) which is spreading like wildfire around the world. Causing […]

Seth Rogen is Happy he looks like a dog

Seth Rogen is an American-Canadian best known for his acting. direction, comedy skills, writing and producing. We already know the man has many talents. In addition to this, we now know that he is a passionate dog-lover! Many people occasionally tag Seth in pictures of a dog named Nori. According to them, Rogen looks like […]