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Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau get Halloween nail art

So by now a lot of people think that Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau are clearly a thing. Because both of them have been dropping a lot of hints lately. Some of the fans even think that both Sarah and Tony have met before, while others think that they had a long-distance friendship. Which […]

Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau Relationship Update!

So it’s been a few days since Tony Lopez went to the airport to pick someone really really special. And by now I guess all of us know this special person is none other than Sarah Jade Bleau. She is a kicka*s TikTok content creator who is really famous for her slow-mo and robotic dance […]

Is Tony Lopez Dating Sarah Jade Bleau?

OMG! We might have another new couple in town and it’s none other than the very dazzling Tony Lopez and TiktokStar Sarah Jade Bleau. Guess Tony is following his brother’s lead and finally giving his heart to a girl who is not only beautiful but also has a very bubbly personality. And she is also […]