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Liam Neeson Controversy | Joe Rogan and Sam Harris React

Philosopher and neuroscientist, Sam Harris has some interesting views on Taken movie actor, Liam Neeson’s controversy. He was sharing his thoughts on racism on YouTube’s Joe Rogan Experience. Related: Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman (a Black Woman)? Sam’s thoughts on the Liam Neeson Controversy ”I wanted to kill a random black person”, is this thought […]

X Ambassadors’ Hey Child | Ode To Noah Feldshuh?

X Ambassadors have recently rocked the world with their latest video release of original song Hey Child from the album Orion. The song can be classified as one of the masterpieces by X Ambassadors. After Renegades, Unsteady, and Hold You Down; their track Hey Child is everything the band is famous for. The song makes […]