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James Charles, Shane Dawson, and Ryland Adams are COVID-19 positive

It seems that COVID-19 is getting active again and making people sick. Recently, James Charles announced that he has tested positive for Coronavirus. According to him, he was vaccinated and got booster shots as well. However, it could not keep him safe from the virus. Similarly Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have also tested positive […]

Ryland Adams and Shane Dawson planning to have a kid

After Shane Dawson faced multiple controversies over his past problematic jokes and content, he took some time off the internet. While Shane planned not to make an appearance on social media, Ryland launched a podcast with his friend, Lizzie Gordon. Slowly, Shane is returning to social media and YouTube by making appearances on Ryland’s YouTube […]

Ryland Adams Breaks Silence on Shane Dawson Controversy

A few weeks ago, the internet went through a phase of canceling the major YouTubers and influencers. One of the people in the cancellation was Shane Dawson, the former king of YouTube. This was because a lot of his old content was resurfacing which was problematic due to its racist and pedophilic tones. There was […]

Ryland Adams reveals his major problem with TikTok

Ryland Adams, best known as fiancé to YouTuber Shane Dawson, is a pretty good YouTuber himself. Although, we would say that the man is more of a TikTok Star instead. Ryland Adams has got over 900,000 followers and 5 million hearts on all his TikTok videos! Sounds like we have been missing out on a […]