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Best Ryan Reynolds Movies To Watch On Netflix

The 45-Year-Old American-Canadian actor is easily the wittiest and most sarcastic actor. From his banter with his wife, Blake Lively, to his one-liners, be it in real life or in his film, the actor is best known for them. Following an early career in television, which included a starring role on the hilariously termed “Two […]

How Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds met and fell in love

It is no lie that when we talk about the power couples in Hollywood, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds sure pop up in all our minds. The duo has been together since a decade now. But what we want to know is how this fairytale started. What it ‘love at first sight’? Or did it […]

Ryan Reynolds Becomes Owner Of Mint Mobile!

Ryan Reynolds is a star who knows how to do everything. He can act, produce, and do business, all at the same time. The Deadpool and 6 Underground star is one of the most loved actors out there with a huge fan following. Today, he is in the news again as a new announcement is […]

Ryan Reynolds & Camila Cabello Share Their True Confessions

On the latest segment of ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’, two very awesome guests appeared. Actor Ryan Reynolds and music artist Camila Cabello were invited to share their true confessions. The three play a game where they take turns reading confessions and then interrogate each other to find out if these confessions are true. […]

Free Guy | Ryan Reynolds Plays a Character We Kill in Video Games

Sometimes we ignore how important Non-playable characters are to us in video games as entertainment. Hadn’t it be for them, open-world games would become so boring the minute we end Story Mode. Fortunately, Matt Lieberman came up with a brilliant idea to dedicate a movie to these soulless characters we casually crush. Ryan Reynolds stars […]

Only Ryan Reynolds Could Promote Himself In A Samsung QLED Ad

Only Ryan Reynolds can multi-task in a way that he integrates three brands into one 30 second-spot commercial. That too, with impeccable humor and grace that leaves you impressed. It’s not a simple task to place an ad within an ad within an ad-more like an ‘adception’. But the ‘Deadpool’ star surely has the grace […]