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Lili Reinhart Teams Up With American Express For Amex Green Card

The world is changing, quite literally. It is about time we change our methods as well.  Private and public organizations should do everything they must to save the world from climate change. That is why we appreciate Lili Reinhart of Riverdale and the American Express for their partnership to launch Amex Green Card. Related: Lili […]

Riverdale Cast Shares BTS Story That Proves Jughead Didn’t Die

Riverdale is known for two things: confusing storyline and crazy cliffhangers. Plus, they’re really into teasing Jughead’s death for some reason. We all admit that it’s a bizarre show, with even the cast members themselves admitting it. Though, some of us just simply can’t stop watching. And yes, that some of us include me. I […]

Maia Mitchell and KJ Apa Had Great Chemistry on set of The Last Summer

Maia Mitchell’s and KJ Apa’s chemistry is off the charts in the new Netflix movie The Last Summer. The Last Summer revolves around the struggles high school graduates face before going to college. Maia plays the aspiring film student Phoebe while KJ plays the charming good boy Griffin. As the movie unfolds the two characters […]

Cole Sprouse Went Undercover On The Internet And Responded To Real Comments

Cole Sprouse reportedly went undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora and YouTube etc. The Young actor, yesterday,shared the news on his Instagram account Cole Spouse Follows The Trend Of Social Media Pitching Entertainment gossips, in fact, has become the Chalice of opportunity for the Social Media market. As […]

Here Is Why Netflix’s Sex Education Left KJ Apa Disappointed

British comedy drama, Sex Education has managed to keep viewers glued to their laptop screens in the very first month of 2019. Following Netflix’s You, as the year’s second big hit, Laurie Nunn has captured the universally relatable awkwardness very grippingly. The show has been so impactful that Netflix almost immediately renewed Sex Education for […]

Has Riverdale Season 4 Been Scheduled For An Early 2020 Release Date?

So  here comes another season of Pop’s milkshakes and uncanny board games. CW has officially renewed Riverdale for another season. Although the current season 3 is yet to complete its run, the network has given Riverdale Season 4 a go owing to satisfactory ratings. At this point there is a lot to talk about the […]