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Rick and Morty’s Jessica Comes to life with Cosplay

Jessica has been playing a vital role in the Rick and Morty universe for quite some time. Hence, an artist has brought the animated character to life through cosplay. Jessica has been at the center of a few funny episodes. As the object of the little Morty’s love, Jessica serves as an interesting plot. Since […]

Can you imagine John F. Kennedy as a Rick and Morty Fan?

Can you imagine great historical figures stanning your favorite TV Show? Well, we couldn’t either. But thanks to the powers of technology and DeepFakes, we get to see JFK talk about Rick and Morty. Using some savvy tech and someone who has way too much time on their hands, John F. Kennedy utters the words […]

Is the Rick and Morty Season 5 Release Date here or not?

Rick and Morty is the popular Adult Swim show that will have you pondering over deep thoughts while also making you laugh hysterically over its wittiness. The show’s fourth season just ended. Now, let’s see how much more do we have to wait for Rick and Morty season 5. Is there any news on the […]

Top 5 Best Animated Shows to watch during quarantine

Animated shows may seem like cartoons at first but there’s a whole new genre out there. There are animated shows for everyone to watch. Some are adult animated shows and some are just adventurous for all ages to watch. Here is a list of the top 5 best-animated shows of all time that you watch […]

Rick and Morty Season 4 Release Date for Part 2 is here

If you had told me months ago that we were going to be in quarantine for a couple of months, I would have been sad over the news. Especially considering the havoc coronavirus is causing. But if you were going to tell me that Rick and Morty season 4 would be returning during the same […]

Is Hulu’s Solar Opposites the next Rick and Morty?

The upcoming American animated adult sitcom Solar Opposites is about to hit the Hulu screen soon. We are getting old waiting for the Rick & Morty creators to drop the part of the season 4. But they are not going to fulfill our wishes soon. It’s their responsibility to end our misery of self-isolation, quarantine […]