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Reese Witherspoon Top 9 Movie Performances

Reese Witherspoon has given many amazing performances to the industry which is why she resides in the hearts of so many people. The icon and ‘America’s Sweetheart’ made her debut in the film world in the early 90s. After getting somewhat of recognition for her work, the actress landed her iconic role as ‘Elle Woods’ […]

Legally Blonde 3 Is Releasing In May 2022

The release date for the third installment in the fantastically iconic trilogy, Legally Blonde 3, has just been announced. And we are brimming with anticipation! Related: Mindy Kaling is Writing Legally Blonde 3 Starring Reese Witherspoon The announcement for the movie’s 3rd part was made earlier this year. The movie will again feature Reese Witherspoon […]

Reese Witherspoon Talks About Her 2013 Arrest

We all have had moments in life where we’ve screwed up big time. Either they are embarrassing moments or just really bad decisions. But we’ve all been there. And it turns out, so has Reese Witherspoon. Related: Reese Witherspoon Stans Taylor Swift As Artist Of The Decade Reese Witherspoon’s Infamous 2013 Arrest One of her […]

Reese Witherspoon Stans Taylor Swift As Artist Of The Decade

Taylor Swift has managed to win so many hearts and a prestigious award, despite being on a rocky road lately because of her music and song rights issues resulting from the feud with Scooter Braun & Scott Borchetta. The singer has won the AMAs 2019 award for ‘Artist Of The Decade’. Swift also won six […]