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Nikki Bella Was Raped Twice – Claims The Former Pro Wrestler

Former pro-wrestling superstar Nikki Bella claims that she was sexually assaulted twice as a teenager. She tells her story that the events led her to keep this a secret for many years before she finally spoke out. She revealed that not even her mom knew about these events until she finally wrote them down. The […]

R. Kelly Asked Jail To Leave For The Third Time After Coronavirus

The hip-hop singer R. Kelly doesn’t like being in jail, even after his alleged actions. The 53-year-old is currently in Chicago prison on charges of sex trafficking, child pornography, and racketeering. His lawyers recently filed a third plea of his release from the containment, after having all previously denied. This time, however, Kelly’s lawyer claims […]

Singer Duffy Reveal Excruciating Details Of Her Kidnapping And Rape

On Sunday singer Duffy revealed harrowing details about her alleged kidnapping and rape and what happened later. It was on February 25 when she first spoke out about the incident on her Instagram. However, this time, she decided to reveal details, told that she retreated from public life after the tortuous incident. Now, she hopes […]