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Trump Welcomed by ‘Lock Him Up’ Chants At MLB World Series

Another day passes by and Donald Trump is still a hugely controversial figure as he was before becoming president. Whatever the haters, or in some cases the fans, feel about Trump is something that they shout loudly. That is indeed what happened at the MLB World Series event last night. A huge crowd flood the […]

The Politician Season 2 Premieres Just Before US Presidential Election

Ryan Murphy’s new endeavor, The Politician, has certainly earned its fair share of popularity. The show revolves around an ambitious high schooler Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) determined to be the president of his school and ultimately the country. Though, his journey is by no means an easy one. There is a lot Payton has to […]

Here’s How Donald Trump Can Be Impeached

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally announced the news a couple of days ago. A news that liberal Americans wanted to hear from 2 years. Finally, there will be an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. It is the fourth time in American history when a president has faced a viable threat of impeachment. “Today I’m […]

Ryan Reynolds Reminds Everyone To Register on Vote

Today is a crucial day for America. It’s national voter registration day where all the citizens have to register so that they can vote for the upcoming elections. It’s a day where many popular celebrities are reminding everyone to register! One of whom is the successful Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds. The tweet didn’t contain the […]

Ronan Farrow Exposes Jeffrey Epstein-MIT fraud

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology: one of the most prestigious institutions of the world, was recently involved in a scandal. Apparently, the MIT lab director had strong ties with Jeffrey Epstein. For those who don’t know Jeffrey Epstein was an American financier and a convicted sex offender. He was imprisoned on charges of harassing young […]

Kathy Griffin Supports Chrissy Teigen Against Donald Trump

We all know one thing very clearly now. Donald Trump doesn’t care about climate change but will spare no time in calling out Hollywood celebrities out. Apparently, Trump was on a rant about how he should get more credit for ensuring the First Step Act became law. Alongside it, he called out Teigen for being […]

Hasan Minhaj Roasted Justin Trudeau on Netflix’s Patriot Act

Hasan Minhaj is the ex-daily show co-respondent and a comedian. The fans love him and his show Patriot Act, especially those who have been following his work for years. Hasan Minhaj did multiple episodes where he discussed the issues of the world with the audience. The show has 4 seasons and is available for Netflix […]

John Oliver Exposes Medical Bias in Health Sector

John Oliver started off his career as a correspondent on the Daily Show with John Stewart. HBO soon recognized his individual voice and gave him the screen. In 2013 Last Week Tonight was launched, creating a meltdown among fans. John’s analytical mind with a slight bit of comedy put him above others. The show airs on […]

Mark Ruffalo Endorses Bernie Sanders’s “Green New Deal”

Bernie Sanders; the presidential candidate for the upcoming US elections 2020, has introduced a new plan to fight climate change. The potential president has served as a senator in Vermont since 2007. The 16.3 trillion dollar plan is known as the Green New Deal. It recognizes climate change as a global and serious issue and aims […]

Selena Gomez Speaks Out On Refugee Issue in USA

Selena Gomez has joined the plethora of celebrities who are speaking up against the refugees issue. This comes as no surprise as the singer is one of those artists who use their platform to educate their fans. Related: Selena Gomez Releases ‘Lose You To Love Me’ On October 23rd At Spotify Selena Gomez Speaks Her […]