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Gap criticized for political tweet attempting to unite the polarized country

Gap recently made a highly controversial political tweet. They were attempting to reunite the country amid a very polarising election time. This really did not go over well with anyone. But it may have reunited Republicans and Democrats in their mutual hatred for the ‘Gap’ Shirt. Related: Halsey calling out Donald Trump during US Elections […]

Dance Moms Star Kalani Hilliker Defends her Donald Trump endorsement

Kalani Hilliker is learning that it’s best to keep political views to yourself during a really polarising time in America. As the 2020 US Elections take place, the whole country divides itself based on who they’re voting for. While many celebrities and influencers are huge Joe Biden supporters, there are some that are still voting […]

Lizzo Calls Out Tomi Lahren For Supporting Donald Trump

Lizzo has blasted Tomi Lahren after the two had a little go at each other on Twitter. Tomi Lahren is a political commentator working for Fox News, describing herself as “constitutional conservative”. Though, Lahren is vocal about her views. People often criticize her for her political views. Lizzo joined that bandwagon recently. Related: Here’s How […]