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James Charles denies grooming underage fan after accusations surface

James Charles is once again caught under fire for grooming an underage fan. The whole thing initiated from TikTok when a guy named “Redzai” posted a video and accused James Charles of grooming him. Later, James took to his Twitter account and tried to explain his side of the story. All of James’ fans were […]

Aaron Carter Is Stealing Art Again | Accused Of Pedophilia Too

Aaron Carter, the American singer and record producer, is making the headlines again. He recently slammed his followers for calling him a drug addict, calling his girlfriend Melanie Martin a hooker, as well as the people who keep slamming his weight. While there are true haters lurking on his Instagram and Twitter handles, there are […]

Gabbie Hanna Apology For Old Pedophilia Joke Backfired

Pedophilia is no joke and only sick people can find such jokes entertaining. It does not matter whether the joke was made according to the dark sense of humor in 2011 or was it made back in the stone age days. The major issue remains the same: Pedophilia is the worst crime one could ever […]