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Zoe LaVerne Checks Herself into a Hospital

Another development has taken place in the Zoe LaVerne case. Zoe is facing outrage after she was seen kissing an underage fan in a viral video online. Her mother even ended up defending her. Afterward, Zoe and her victim, Connor Joyce both came on Instagram Live separately to explain the situation. Zoe apologized for her […]

Pedophile Jessica Yaniv Twitter Account Banned

Pedophile Jessica Yaniv has finally gone to jail and her Twitter account has been banned as well. This is certainly a piece of good news in these dark times. Jessica was previously posing as a transgender woman who has, on many times, sent inappropriate messages to underage girls. After being arrested, now comes the news […]

Jessica Yaniv | A Pedophile Pretending to be a Trans?

This may be disturbing for some of you, but trans-activist Jessica Yaniv is allegedly a trans pedophile. The shocking revelation was made by Blaire White, an American You-Tuber and political commentator in her recent video, Exposing Jessica Yaniv: Trans Predator. “Now this person is one of the most twisted, abhorrent, dangerous individuals and is such […]