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Logan Paul Just Got Himself Tested For COVID-19

I don’t think you guys need an introduction of this guy. Logan Paul has managed to achieve so much at such an early age. He is not only an actor but also a very famous YouTuber. Logan is also running a podcast channel on YouTube by the name of ‘Impaulsive‘ since 2018. Logan also has […]

Jake Paul Addresses Fans Questions About Jake Paul Uncut

When it comes to scripted vines and YouTube vlogs, Jake Paul really does ace the game. Recently, Shane Dawson hurled accusations at the renowned YouTuber. He released a seven part series, ‘The Mind Of Jake Paul’, where he labelled Jake Paul as a sociopath. Dawson exclaimed that Paul’s behavior was textbook psychological disorders. While Jake […]

Jake Paul Moves In With Brother Logan Paul Following California Wildfires

The Southern California wildfires continue to force people to evacuate their homes the raging fire has lead several celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Lady Gaga and many others to leave their homes and run for their life. California wildfires several celebrities have their homes burned down, including those of Caitlyn Jenner and Martin Sheen, […]

Erika Costell and Jake Paul No Longer Together!

The two YouTubers officially ended their relationship. The famous YouTuber Jake Paul posted the announcement about their split on Twitter this Wednesday. Indeed, it as heartbreaking for many Jake Paulers and Costellars to find out that Jerika is no longer. Origins of Jerika The two weren’t always in a real relationship. In June 2017, after […]

Shane Dawson Reunites With Kati Morton To Discuss Jake Paul Documentary

Viner turned YouTuber Jake Paul has stirred several controversies on the internet. Subsequently, he had a lot of people hating him for his actions. Furthermore, as the most disgusting allegations came out against him, they only exaggerated the issue. Following the several controversies, on September 11th his fellow stunt YouTuber, Shane Dawson released an eight-part […]