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What’s Ondreaz Lopez Doing These Days?

Time and time again, we have seen celebrities abuse their status. Ondreaz Lopez is one such celebrity, who reached the heights of fame on TikTok and then came crashing down. And the s*xual assault allegations in 2021 have ensured that his career comes to a standstill. Since 2021, Ondreaz and his, brother Tony Lopez have […]

After Ondreaz Lopez, Hannah Stocking is Dating NBA Star Rudy Gobert?

Alright, so as we all know that everyone’s absolute favorite Hannah Stocking is having the time of her life. Not just that, she is also entertaining her fans with her non-stop super hilarious social media posts. From her YouTube channel to Instagram and Snapchat, Hannah never fails to deliver daily dose of fun stuff to […]

Ondreaz Lopez returns to TikTok with no consequences?

Yes, guys, you heard it right. Ondreaz Lopez just returned to his TikTok account and posted a dance video with little brother Tony Lopez. Now some people must be wondering how is that a piece of news because both the Lopez Brothers are usually very active on TikTok. But some of you might not know […]

Ondreaz Lopez surprises Hannah Stocking with dinner in bed

You guys obviously don’t need an introduction to Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking. They not only look cute together, but they are also one of the most unproblematic power couples on social media. Who are continuously blessing us with new content every other day. Oh, and their pre-Halloween-getups are the cutest except the one in […]

Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez are not having a baby

So, Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking have taken their relationship to a next level. Never in millions of years, we would have thought Hannah is going to propose to Ondreaz. And that too in New York’s Time Square with such an elegant engagement ring. But she dropped it in a road gutter while popping the […]

Ondreaz Lopez addresses social media absence

Ondreaz Lopez finally addresses his social media absence in a very detailed Instagram story. No, he was not totally absent on social media. He was just not posting a lot of things which he usually does. Guess it’s about time that big brother Ondreaz took some mental health tips from the little brother Tony Lopez. […]

Tekashi 6ix9ine collaborates with Hype House members

Controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine recently collaborated with a bunch of Hype House TikTok stars. But Olivia Ponton, Thomas Petrou, and Ondreaz Lopez stole the spotlight. And with this spotlight, they encountered a lot of hate comments as well. We all know Tekashi was charged for multiple crimes and spent 16 months of punishment in prison. […]

Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking almost kissed each other

I guess it’s raining love everywhere. As Ondreaz Lopez almost kissed the very beautiful content creator Hannah Stocking in a TikTok video. Umm! We all know Ondreaz been single for a really long time. And Hannah was last spotted with Twan Kuyper last year. Now both Twan and Hanna have moved on from each other. […]